Diguised as electricians for cheat

At 9:00 on June 29, Phu My Hung’s security Team was informed that there were two people wearing electrician uniforms with suspicious behaviours in My Thai Complex. These two guys came to a house in My Thai to show ladders for sale. The owner refused to buy, then they claimed to be electricians coming to maintain the electrical system. Because the house’s electrical system operates normally, the owner did not allow these two guys coming inside.

Then, they rode to Tan Phu Street and were stopped by Phu My Hung’s security guards. After checking their personal information, the security guards discovered that their names on Identity Cards and the embroidered ones on the electrician’s shirts were different. The security guards handed over two guys to the Tan Phu ward police.

Residents are reminded to be on the alert when seeing strangers disguised as electricians, repairmen, staff of internet network operators, etc., to show products for sale or ask to come into your house to repair things.

Any case concerning with security and order problems, please call the Phu My Hung Security hotline: (028) 5411 3113 for assistance.

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